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10 fashion tips from the book "The Little Black Book of Style" by Nina Garcia.

1. Learn to "filter"

Highlight the key things and get rid of everything else. Remember, if something looks bad, you don't need it Much easier to be inspired by five great things than twenty-five, twenty of which are worthless. Highlight the key things and get rid of everything else. If something looks bad, you don't need it!

2. Find a good tailor

A good tailor is like a good pair of shoes - you need it like air, worth the money spent and can make you 5 kg slimmer. So find him and befriend him: take an interest in life, praise for his work and pay well. Because this tailor will become one of the most important people in your life.

3. Invest in basic things

The basis of any wardrobe should be basic garments and accessories that go with almost everything and will never go out of style. My list of ten things is timeless, trendy and geographic, as they are all equally relevant in New York, London or Moscow. You can always rely on them and wear them - for years! These are: a little black dress, a white men's shirt, luxurious stilettos, a cashmere cardigan or jumper, a trench coat, jeans, a classic men's watch, diamonds (if not real), ballet flats, a gorgeous bag.

4. Be able to combine

Anything that sounds incomprehensible in words usually looks amazing. Soft with tough, elegant with sloppy - trust me, it works. And it allows you to look especially, in your own way, which, in turn, always distinguishes a truly stylish woman from the rest.

5. The power of accessories

All these mini-skirts and skinny jeans are unreliable: get a little better and they will give you up in an instant. But shoes, scarves, necklaces and handbags - never! They will always give you confidence and bring something new to your wardrobe, and at no extra cost. With their one look, they will tell everyone how amazing you are.

6. Shoes - above all

High-heeled shoes can never be too many. Of course, everyone around you will convince you otherwise. Smile politely and go your own way. High heels are omnipotent. They can cheer you up, straighten your posture, and turn a boring outfit into a stunning one.

7. Don't be a victim of fashion

I never feel jealous when I see another woman with a bag of the season. On the contrary, I feel sorry for her, poor thing. After all, she paid a huge amount of money, just to "keep up". In general, I do not really understand the concept of "bag of the season": after all, it will not accentuate your clothes and will not make you special. Meanwhile, bags are made to play with. Let it be whatever you want - the main thing is to reflect your style, make you different from others. And there is nothing good in the herd mentality.

8. It's not about money

Fashion is expensive. Style is not. Many very stylish girls I know are far from the richest. Moreover, often girls who have less money have a better understanding of what style is. They probably have to be picky as they cannot blindly follow all trends. They probably think more carefully about each purchase, while improving the art of combining expensive designer items with inexpensive ones. Or they know what is worth spending money on and where it is worth saving.

9. Buy Big

Always buy something that looks stunning, spectacular and memorable: a leopard coat, a gorgeous dress, a luxurious piece of jewelry, or something else. You yourself will recognize such a thing as soon as you see it - and immediately fall in love. It may be worth a small fortune, but the game is worth the candle.

10. Imperfection is perfect

It is always strange for me to see girls constantly being "in full dress", as if they were preparing for a photo shoot. Much prettier are those whose clothes are not too perfectly matched, and whose appearance somehow violates the generally accepted course of things. When I see women who can do this, I always admire them: they know how to have fun, how to give themselves freedom. They never seem too perfect. It is these girls who know the most about style.

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About Writer

Nina Garcia is rightfully considered one of the most influential people in the modern fashion world. Since 2008, the journalist has been the fashion editor of Marie Claire. In 2004 she was a member of the jury of the reality show "Project Podium".

On September 5, 2007, Nina Garcia presented her first book dedicated to style and fashion "The Little Black Book of Style". In her new book, Nina did not dictate to readers what and how to wear, but she seriously helped to navigate the fashion world and notice original details even in the simplest things.